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Boston Police Throw American Flag to Ground - Do "They" Hate America?

Imagine a group of Progressives throwing an American flag to the ground.  This would be the lead story for days on "The Fox News Show"- proof that all those dirty, leftist, radicals hated America and of course, along with everything Obama, wanted nothing less than the overthrow of capitalism.  One problem: the flags torn down by the Boston Police Department, (the American flags), were put up by veterans who had been camped out with the 99% since Monday.  Watch:

According to Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis over 100 arrests of peaceful protesters were made, including a female Iraq War veteran.   The Boston Police told the media to leave and not film proceedings.  The only video available was from a live stream being broadcast by an onlooker. This was one of the largest mass arrests in recent Boston history.

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