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Video: More Republican Hypocrisy at It's Finest

House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is lying when he claims any additional revenue provided to FEMA will have to be offset by 1.5 billion in cuts. The program Representative Cantor wants cut costs only $175,000.  Cantor wants to cut federal funds targeted to Quallion LLC in California, which manufactures batteries for electric cars.  Cutting this program would directly result in over 1,500 job losses and indirectly to thousands more.  Mary Landrieu (D-LA) called out Cantor for misrepresenting the amounts needed to offset costs for disaster relief.  Watch:

Most damning to Republicans however is the rank hypocrisy shown and proven by letters read on the Senate floor by Senator Landrieu.  She specifically calls out Congressman Darrell Issa, head of the powerful House Ethics Committee, for a letter he wrote and signed asking for support of this the very program House Republicans are now asking to cut.
LANDRIEU: I’m going to do this all week, so I hope the press gets ready to ask these Republican leaders how could you possibly have the gall to hold press opportunities in your district promising people that you’re helping them to create jobs and then come back to Washington and cut the rug out from under their feet with a bogus excuse that you have to come up with a billion dollars [...] when the real need for FEMA in 2011 is $175 million. But under the guise of having to provide a billion dollars, they want to gut this program that’s creating jobs and they themselves have asked for these loans to be made in their district. [...]
Several members, and I am going to submit their names to the record [...] In addition — this is the killer, this is the killer — in addition Quallion think that this funding will create more than two thousand three hundred new and long-term jobs nationwide. And this is the program that Representative Cantor decided to use as an offset so he could fool the American people.

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