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Video: The Majority of Americans are All Sacrificed Out: We Want Jobs

Instead of tying the debt ceiling to spending cuts, and to raising revenues by closing tax loopholes, why hasn't the President tied it to investing in job creation.  The President should go to the American people with a plan similar to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal.  He should refuse any deal that does not include massive job creation.  The country is already in dire need of infrastructure spending which would create millions of much needed jobs.  In return, unemployment would be drastically reduced.  Higher employment means higher revenues and in return  lower deficits.  The President and the Democrats should stop playing by the Republican's rules.  The American people are overwhelming more interested in dealing with the job crisis than the so called debt crisis.  They are overwhelming not in favor of cuts in Social Security, Medicare and other social programs.  What they do want are the very few at the top of the economic ladder to start paying their fair share. We've heard a great deal about shared sacrifice but the majority of Americans are all sacrificed out.  We are scared and we are discouraged.  Please Mr. President, stop playing games with the Republicans and start working on this nations real problems.
Here's an idea by Chris Matthew:

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