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Lessons Learned by the Casey Anthony Case

I like most thinking people with an iota of common sense and even a basic knowledge of the case against Casey Anthony for murdering her own 2 year toddler Calee Marie Anthony, know she did it; making the not guilty verdict extremely difficult to accept. The jury did not come to a not guilty verdict based on the evidence, They were provided with over over 300 pieces of it (not including the video and audio tapes, this jury never even bothered to review).  One of the jurors, who prefers to remain nameless, was interviewed yesterday and explained she felt the prosecution never explained how and when Casey Anthony could have made the chloroform and then placed her deceased daughter in the trunk of the car. If this juror and the rest of the jurors had even taken a cursory review of the evidence presented to them by the prosecution these were all answered without even a rebuttal by the defense  Yes, I like many Americans are angry at the controversial verdict rendered by what in my opinion was a lazy and intellectually lacking group of 12 Floridians. No wonder this country elects idiots.

The main purpose of this post was not to rail against a not guilty verdict.  After it came in and Jose' Baez spoke to the public, I felt I gained some insight into Baez's real purpose in taking this case.  Baez never denied Casey murdered Calee Anthony,.  He never denied she had anything to do with  Calee's death. Instead Baez used his time in front of the world's cameras to blast this countries use of the death penalty:  "When my daughter asks me what I did today, I will say: "I saved a life...No matter who does it, killing is wrong...This country needs to stop killing it's people".  (Maybe the prosecution made a mistake in upgrading this case to a death penalty case???)  Pretty, middle class white girls don't get the death penalty. Which is a whole other argument.  The murder of a 2 year old and especially by her own mother's hand, a person she should have trusted more than anyone, then all Casey's lies but mostly the unthinkable way this baby girl's life was taken and her tiny body then thrown away like a piece of trash, understandably affected these prosecutors desision. Casey Anthony, I believe, cold bloodily murdered her own baby and will walk free.  I can't help but be angry over the fact that this little girl (and in reality many little girls, little boys and especially many of those of color) do not receive the justice they deserve.  However, in a civilized society, justice is not given out by a mob.  It is given out by a jury of our own peers, who at times we may disagree with.  If convicted, Casey Anthony most likely would have received the death penalty.  Only this time we would have been the killers.  But, in the words of Jose' Baez, " No matter who does it "killing is wrong....this country needs to stop killing it's own people"

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