Happy 18th Birthday Hayley!

 I've never written a personal message on my blog.  But Hayley is very special to me and so is my homegirl, her mother and my BFF, so tough shit. I love you guys; have a great life Hayley.  You're beautiful, smart and have so much to look forward to. So please don't do the things your mother and I did, you know like being so good we were  totally boring.  BTW, you might want to keep that part to yourself because you know how people lie and make up bad stories about really good girls.  And please don't ask your grandmother about us at your age, she's getting older and would most likely get us confused with some misbehaving brats. You know what good kids we were. And if anyone tells you we sneaked out at Fort Clark and got caught making out with a bunch of boys:  That's just a big fat lie. 

Just have fun being young, (not too much). GO TO COLLEGE OR YOUR MOTHER, YOUR GRANDMOTHER AND I WILL KILL YOU, (and Davy said he would too SERIOUSLY) LUV YA, AUNT ANITA MURIE

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