Yes Wisconsin. Fox Lies

Lou Debbs is fitting in nicely with those purveyors of all things anti-Obama at "The Fox News Show".   Today, on "serious" news propagandist anchor Megyan Kelly's America Live show, Dobbs,sat down with Kelly to discuss a recent poll by right wing pollster Rasmussen which showed only 31% of those polled felt the President was doing an excellent job on the economy.  Of course poor Megyan was thrilled shocked that so few Americans felt happy with the President's handling of the economy yet  failed to mention that while the right leaning poll showed 45% of respondents rated President Obama's handling on economic issues as poor, 54% rated it at excellent or fair.  Dobbs, for his part, "wondered what the 31% [who rated it excellent]were thinking" before making the astounding statement that "there is nothing in history that points to successful stimulus spending from the federal government". Wow, Really, Nothing in history? Even if you can't admit The New Deal was successful stimulus, how about World War II, Mr. Dobbs???  Dobbs goes on to repeat the fallacy that the stimulus did not create or save any jobs. In fact, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus package saved or created 1.6 million jobs last fall. And worst, claims the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" is a 10 trillion dollar exercise that right now the Congressional Budget Office...every non-partisan source acknowledge is a disaster".

Remember what the protesters in Wisconsin were yelling at the Fox crew? "Fox lies". The Affordable Care Act cost under 1 trillion dollars but will save 1.4 trillion in the next 20 years.  These numbers are from the Congressional Budget Office. And how could Dobb's "sources" refer to themselves as non-partisan if they had described the Affordable Care Act as a "disaster" before it had even gone into effect.

"The Fox News Show" can have all the right wing talkers like Lou Dobbs it wants. But Fox can't then claim it is the "fair and balanced" news channel. Fox claims Megyan Kelly is one of their "serious" newscasters yet she continues to misrepresent the truth.  Worse however are the complete lies and distortions that are repeated time and time again on this supposed "news" channel.

Yes Wisconsin.  Fox Lies.

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